Thu 17 Apr 2014 (12:45am)
I’ve always loved @catbotsattack's Xiaolin Showdown Pokemon!AU (because who doesn't love a good pokemon AU). Anyway Cat happened to have caught me in a drawing mood, and I found the idea of Jack getting digitalised by his porygon too funny.

It’s based on Cat’s Sketch [HERE]
But as always I couldn’t chose between versions so you get both.

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14 hours ago
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About the bodypart drawing game. Perhaps you should post only a black silhouette, so you don't give away too much! That's the best part. Not knowing what kind of character is on the next piece!

That’s a really good idea! Thanks man!
I’ll whip a new one up right now, then see if anyone wants to join in ;)

[Drawing Game]

Mar 2014

Storyboards for a short film for an iphone app.
I drew all the pictures here (Which is why I’ve been so busy lately) and Rob Owen (AKA producer-rob, our producer) edited the animatic.
The short film is still in progress.
There are 5 people in our team, my role is Director/storyboard artist and animation.

Oh yeah and I have a YouTube now. I’ll put more stuff on it later.

Thu 10 Apr 2014I did a few Merton doodles today while trying to get over art block. View in High-Res

Thu 10 Apr 2014
I did a few Merton doodles today while trying to get over art block.

Mon Apr 7 2014
Wanted to try and get some style practice so here’s me trying to draw in the style of Mookie000.
The first six progress pictures were done Sunday 6th to late in the wee morning hours. The next three were the next morning after some sleep.

Thu 3 Apr 2013 (4:42am)
An hour and a half drawing of Shadow as Magenta from Rocky Horror. I’m really enjoying this new way of digitally painting I’m mucking about with, it was all done on the same layer (besides of course the colour saturation). Now it’s time for bed though haha.

Wed Apr 2nd 2014
A little ball bounce just for fun.

Wed 26 Mar 2014
Two gifs for the crew of our short film project that might help show how to draw the two main characters. The Monk and the Giant.
Construction lines are key!
Below that are some angel concepts based on Walter’s design.

Mon 24 Mar 2014 (3:38am)
I guess it’s not usual to redraw a screenshot this bad but I can’t help it. I love Vampire merton (even though he was only a vampire for the better part of 2 minutes).

There’s no real difference but I couldn’t decide which one to upload, so I’ll upload a bunch. I was trying some new things in Photoshop so it’s a good reminder for myself.

Bonzly gets a good idea!

You know how people play those cool drawing games?


Like one person draws each segmets.


And then you end up with something super weird (or just a good Character Design).

Why can’t we play that on Tumblr? Honestly I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before.

Look I’ll start and anyone can jump in!
Come draw with me

This is Erica Ecorpse. Please give her a torso.